Employee Training

About Our Training Program

Here at Turning Point, we offer a free online training program that is available at no cost to you. The training consists of 5 training modules. Each module is followed by a brief quiz. In return, earning 3 hours of continuing education credit would be possible.

Anyone interested in learning more about traumatic brain injury (TBI)?: www.nctbitraining.org. This website contains basic information about TBI, as well as resources available in North Carolina and across the country for individuals and their families living with the effects of TBI.

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Safety Training

Along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Turning Point requires that upon hire date, employees complete a safety training booklet. The training informs the employee in regard to proper safety procedures that should be followed. After the information booklet has been reviewed, the employee is required to complete a safety quiz. This quiz insures proper knowledge and understanding which should be adhered to, if safety matters should arise.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Turning Point values the safety of our employees and our clients. For this reason, we carry out our standards through information and education provided for each employee.

Upon hire at Turning Point Services, Inc. employees are required to complete a Bloodborne Pathogen booklet. Information covered in the training explains standards to abide by. This reduces the risk of Bloodborne Pathogens exposure for both our employees and our clients.

Following your awareness, we require a Bloodborne Pathogen quiz to be completed. Employees will be given an annual Bloodborne Pathogen information to review. We will greatly appreciate your efforts to meet our standards by keeping health and safety in mind.

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NCI Training Locations & Dates